Let's Talk Proportion

My nephew Forrest started in on me a few months ago......  Wanting me to "Blog" about the questions I ask our customers when they come into the showroom looking for a dining room chandelier.  You see......  I tend to ask them ALOT of questions.......  The main reason for all the questions is so that we can truly meet their needs -  for proportion, function and design....

So today - we will address "Proportion"

Let's begin:
How high is your ceiling?
What are the dimensions of your table?
What shape is your table?
Is it glass topped or wood topped?

How high is your ceiling:
The ceiling height truly sets the basics for the dimension the chandelier should be....  An industry standard that we utilize in our designs is that the bottom of the chandelier should be 5 feet off the floor over a table.  Yes - off the floor.....   Now this is just the first half of the equation - so stay with me here......  If your ceiling is 10 feet tall and we want the bottom of the light 5 feet off the floor - then that means we have 5 feet to fill.......  We like to see proportion/balance between fixture and the chain used to hang it.......  So in this case we would want a fixture that is at least 30" tall (minimum) and not to exceed 42" tall.
Now the reality is that there are no "lighting police" (LOL! - although in some cases there should be) - so if you want to hang your dining fixture a little higher....  by all means - it is your home and you should do what you want to create a pleasing design that you can enjoy each day, but we have to have a "standard" with which to begin the process :)

What are the dimensions of your table:
The second half of the equation now begins......  With the dimensions of the dining room table we can answer our question for what the width of the chandelier should be........  Again - an industry standard that we use is what I lovingly call "Lean In Room".......  I want to be able to "lean in" across a table and not bang my head on the chandelier (granted I'm 6 feet tall... LOL).  What this tells us is that we want 8-10 inches of "lean in" room on each side of the table......  So - if your table is 50" in diameter - your chandelier should be around 34" wide.......  

What shape is your table:

This has become one of the more important variables mainly because of the longer "harvest" tables that we have been seeing in design for the last couple of years.  We want to be sure to compliment and enhance the dining room as a whole - so if we have a really long table with a small round chandelier hung in the center it can look unbalanced - not to mention the fact that we probably won't be providing adequate light, but that is another blog.....  Needless to say - the shape of the table should be thought about when choosing the chandelier.  Keep in mind..... This chandelier will hang over this table 365 days a year, so we want to address the "every day" shape NOT the shape when you put the "leafs" in it a couple of times a year.

Design by Chelsea Whitman of Whitman Interiors with Downtown fixtures from Quoizel by Lighting Etc.

Design by Tiffany McKinzie Interiors with Cesto fixture from Corbett by Lighting Etc.

Is it glass topped or wood topped:
One of the last questions that I ask for "proportional" info is whether your table is glass topped or wood topped.  If you have a wood topped table we need to balance the visual weight of that table - meaning - the frame structure of the light can be fuller and heavier to balance out the wood below it.  Same is true for a glass topped table, because the glass is transparent the light fixture can have a finer frame and simpler structure so as not to be too heavy looking.
This being said - please keep in mind that "design" is personal.  It is your home and you can have whatever makes you happy.

Design by the Parsons Family with Claybourne fixture from Capital by Lighting Etc.

Design by Kevin Wolfe with Autumn Twilight fixture from Golden by Lighting Etc.

These are just a few of the questions that allow us to "see" a customer's space without really seeing it. They help us to help our customers :)  Hopefully, they will help you as well.  :)

Next time we will share the questions we ask to meet the "Design" needs of our customers!!  :)

Until then.....
Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!

Fruition........ The end result of Love At First Sight

One of the coolest things about what we do is that in many cases we can follow a design from paper to fruition......  We begin the lighting process with a set of blueprints - follow it to ground breaking - then on through to the installation of the lighting fixtures.

But the very best part is when we are asked back to see the end result of a project!!  It is something that we truly look forward to and enjoy :)

We are Blessed to watch our customer's faces light up when they find the perfect fixture for their space!!  Sometimes they see it on display in the Lighting Etc. Showroom - or they find it flipping thru one of our catalogs - they might even come across it while surfing the Lighting Etc. website......

Whichever way they discover their perfect piece......  The end result is what matters :)
Each client's dream begins with Love at First Sight........

Fascino by Uttermost

Sharon wanted a "touch" of Bling for her Master Bath - While visiting the Lighting Etc. Showroom she fell in love with the 2-light pendant from the Fascino Collection by Uttermost!!  It provided just the right amount of color, shimmer and shine for her space!!

Lighting by Lighting Etc.

Cesto by Corbett Lighting

Tiffany, of Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design Inc., saw a picture of this 8-light pendant from the Corbett Lighting Cesto Collection in a catalog and immediately envisioned it on the job!!!  She was absolutely right - it was the perfect fixture for the space!!

Design by by Tiffany McKinzie with Lighting by Lighting Etc.

Olsay by Kichler

Many components come into play when selecting the lighting for a space - Chelsea Whitman of Whitman Interiors allowed her fixture choice to compliment and play with the fabric choice of the space - the result?  An incredible design!!!  The minute she saw it on our website - she knew that it would work :)

Design by Whitman Interiors with Lighting by Lighting Etc.

Love at first sight - Yes!  It can happen and when it does.......... you can achieve your end result with a smile on your face!!!  In other words.........

As always....
Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!!
Be Blessed!!

The Entry - Your Home's "Hello" :)

It's official........  Summer is over, and Fall is here!!  :)

Did you realize that more people will walk through your front door between October & January than any other time of the year........

Whether it be friends gathering to watch a football game, trick or treaters ringing you door bell or family coming over for the Holidays - everyone will be coming thru your front door :)

So........ That being said.........  How's your entry looking?????

With this thought in mind I decided to put together a sampling of some of my favorite "Entry's".  They are varied and include contemporary, traditional & transitional.  Each of these spaces is perfect for the homeowners who chose the fixture and design.

Absolutely LOVE this entry!!  The color palette is fresh, crisp and extremely inviting.  Allowing the Alabaster Pendant by George Kovacs to add a touch of warmth to the space.
It's contemporary design is warm and welcoming to everyone who enters.

This two story open entry is absolutely stunning!  The Metropolitan Sconces on the stair wall were actually added a few years after the house was built and they bring so much drama to the design!!
When you walk through the front door you are immediately engulfed in the rich tones of color and your eye is drawn up to the entry dome!  It is truly breath taking :)   

Double entry fixtures have become one of my favorite trends!!  So many of the homes being built have long entry's that are open to the dining and lead to the family room - by hanging two fixtures you brighten and showoff that length - actually leading your guests into your home.  This entry has a 12 foot domed ceiling with wonderful detailing - and the Revolution Alder Cage allows that light to transition up to the dome.

Another example of a double entry is done on a 10 foot ceiling - these Mercury Glass Pendants by Quorum International create a wonderful interest on the ceiling and beg your eye to look up and see their beauty.

This beautiful entry is made even prettier with the addition of crown molding and the smallest Revolution Alder Cage.  The detail provided compliments the window above the front door allowing the eye to continuously have elements of design to absorb.

This entry is a wonderful example of a blending of designs!!  The front door features beautiful wrought iron details which are mirrored with the frame work of the Chrome Chandelier by Golden Lighting!!  The mix of finishes works due to the complimentary shapes within both components!!  YES!!  You CAN mix transitional and traditional!!  ;)

Even a shorter ceiling can be shown off with the addition of crown molding, paint and a decorative lighting fixture!!  This entry is a great example of a 9 foot ceiling being "elevated" to new design levels!!

Whichever style or design you decide to go with - keep in mind a few of these thoughts:
1. Ease of maintenance is key on an entry!  The cages that we featured are extremely easy to keep clean!!  A "Swiffer" on a broomstick and you are good to go :)
2. If choosing a chandelier or pendant with glass - try to select something other than "clear" glass.  The fixtures featuring glass that we have shown have either Alabaster, Mercury or Scavo glass which won't show dirt and make maintenance a breeze.
3. Be true to "your" home!!  The entry is the first opportunity that your home has to say "Hello" to your guests!!  Let it reflect who you are and what you love.  :)

As always.....
Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!

Design Maintenance - Before & After

As homeowners we have regular maintenance that needs to be done on various things around our homes.  Whether it be seasonally, annually or just when it quits working :)

Of course maintenance on the roof, air conditioner, furnace and water heater are vital since all of these things have to be kept in working order so that our homes are comfortable and functional.....  But what about design maintenance? 
Coming home to an aesthetically pleasing space can improve our daily outlook.  Waking up, living and sleeping in beautiful surroundings can bring a sense of peace and joy into our lives.

Design maintenance can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or an update of hardware or lighting fixtures.  Many times one change can transform an entire space.  This seems to be extremely true with regards to traditional design.  Many traditional designs have the bones of classic furniture already in place and when you update one or two things in the picture the entire space begins to take on a "current" look.

We were Blessed by one of our recent customers who provided us with "Before & After" pictures of their home.  There was only one element change in each space, but that one change made all the difference!!  Check it out:

The Entry
This space is completely transformed with the introduction of a bronze fixture.  Even though the new fixture is actually smaller than the original - the bronze finish is perceived by the eye and the size allows the window above the door to be a standout element.
Before - Basic Brass & Glass
After - Alder Entry Cage by Revolution

The Breakfast Nook
In this space the new bronze fixture is quite a bit larger than the original brass one and the new chandelier faces up instead of down which tends to add a bit more elegance to the design.  The bronze finish compliments additional design elements in the space such as the wall art and curtains.  It truly updates the design.
Before - Basic 3lt Brass & Glass
After - 5lt Bryant Chandelier by Quorum

The Dining Room
In the formal dining the homeowners have a beautiful suite of traditional furniture in the space.  The new bronze and crystal chandelier adds an air of formality and elegance that the original brass one just could not achieve.  The finish on the new chandelier compliments the wood tones of the furniture and the size shows off the ceiling height as well as the crown molding.
Before - Basic Brass & Glass

After - 6lt Claybourne by Capital

And there you have it.  A "Before & After" of design maintenance!  And what a success it was!!  This remodel is a prime example of how one element change can truly create a completely new space.

As always.....
Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!

Loving the Mix

One of the most common phrases that we hear in the Lighting Etc. showroom is, "I don't want it to be "matchy-matchy"..........  the next most common phrase we hear is "there are too many choices" - LOL!!
Funny, but people really do say both in the same breath!!  :)

Back in the day, (we won't say what day because I don't want to give away my age)....... the average homeowner only dealt with a couple of design choices and basically they were:

Traditional or Contemporary
Brass or Chrome

With the availability of information and options from both the internet and design TV - the average homeowner now has the ability to develop their sense of design at a much deeper level:

Old World
Shabby Chic
and Transitional - just to name a few........

And lighting is right there, every step of the way, to allow you the design elements of your dreams!  Today we are Blessed with a plethora of choices and those choices can be mixed to create a unique composition for each and every home.

The hard part for many people is being able to envision from showroom display or artwork, to actual placement in their home........  This is where you have to "trust" your professionals :)

 A prime example is the Veil series by ET2.  At first glance it may seem as if it can only be used in a contemporary setting.  It is a very current design - transitional and clean.  When viewed in a catalog or online it can be hard to think that it may have a broader range of applications....... 

Item Image
ET2 Veil

This is where you have to trust what you like!!  :)

This fixture added the perfect amount of fun and whimsy that this beautiful kitchen needed!!  It allowed the homeowner to truly put her personal stamp on the space!!  Exactly what she wanted!!

Another example of current design in a traditional setting is the Carabel series by Fredrick Ramond:

Carabel by Fredrick Ramond
It can sometimes be hard to imagine introducing a "current" design into a space with traditional bones.  This is where "Loving the Mix" can truly be inspiring!!  Embracing the layers of color, form and texture can truly bring a space to life!!  But you have to see beyond the "cataloged" picture.

Last but not least is one of the current favorites of many in the lighting world.  The Orb!!
This particular orbital chandelier adds the elegance of crystal in a traditional draping inside the frame - allowing the fixture the ability to play a whimsical role in a traditional setting.

Axis by Capital Lighting

 Not only is the style of the fixture a step away from the "norm" for this space but the "Winter Gold" finish allows the light to truly shine in the space!!  By having this lighter color above the dark wood of the dining table the space truly opens up with the light!! 

These are just a few examples of mixing various design styles, elements and finishes.  I guess what I hope you will take from this post is that YOU need to love YOUR space - because at the end of the day......  You live there :)  Don't be afraid to take a chance - Don't be afraid to try something different.
This is why there are soooooo many choices :)

Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed Day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!

A Spring Fling With Habitat For Humanity

As we come into Spring - We all get that urge for a Spring Fling :)

In most cases the "flinging" refers to the lightening up of items in our homes......  it is a time to clean house, maybe update and freshen things up.  It is also a new opportunity to help someone else in the process.

Many times, we have clients in the Lighting Etc. showroom who are in the process of a remodel - so what exactly does that entail????  You may be updating your cabinets, appliances, hardware, lighting, etc.  Our homes are a reflection of who we are, and that reflection can change over the years....  Also, if you have recently bought a pre-existing home, you may have fallen in love with the property itself and the construction of space, but it may not reflect your taste in the finishes and design elements used.

It is often that the items that we are replacing are still functional, but may just not be the design that we wish to have for our homes.  Those functional elements can be a Blessing to someone else!!

A few years back we developed a relationship with Habitat For Humanity through their "ReStores".  What exactly is a "ReStore"?

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price.  Habitat for Humanity ReStores are proudly owned and operated by local Habitat for Humanity affiliates, and proceeds are used to build homes, community, and hope locally and around the world. 
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

This is a perfect opportunity to "give back" - if you are in the middle of a remodel or planning one in the future - allow yourself the opportunity to Bless someone else - Instead of putting those old items at the curb - or attempting to sell them on Craig's List - donate them to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore!!! 

Happy Spring Flinging everyone!!!

Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed Day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!

Will it be Bronze, Silver or Gold????

For the past few weeks, with the onset of the 2014 Winter Olympics,  much thought and discussion has been given to three colors......  Bronze, Silver or Gold...... 

Theses same three metals have been of great discussion for quite a while with regards to lighting selections as well.
Let's take a moment and look at each finish before we decide where on the podium we will stand:


A warm, rich color with many variations.  Some bronze finishes are dark, with an "Oil Rubbed" quality that has hints of copper - while others have a warm sheen which can reflect a myriad of rich color tones..... There are dozens and dozens of varieties in the bronze finish, but all of them work well within a rich, warm color palette.



A neutral finish that can work well with a traditional, transitional or contemporary design.  The variances in the silver category include Pewter, Brushed Nickel, Chrome and Polished Nickel as well as a few "faux finishes" with a silver base.



This is not your Mother's brassy gold - this is the new era of Gold.  It is a demure, elegant tone that can be done in either a matte or brushed finish.  Although it can also have a sheened finish - it is rich and luxurious, and is often considered a faux with high and low tones.



All three finishes are "precious metals" and beautiful designs can be achieved with each.....

Traditional Elegance with a Bronze finish (courtesy of the Baxter family)

A Rich Classic design done with a Silver finish (courtesy of the Benoit family)

Warm and Luxurious with a Gold finish (courtesy of the Benoit family)

The best part is that you can have the "metal" of your choice!!  And everyone can be a Winner!!

Be sure to visit Lighting Etc.and check out all the options that are available to you!!  We look forward to helping you achieve your lighting dreams!!

Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed Day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!