Design Maintenance - Before & After

As homeowners we have regular maintenance that needs to be done on various things around our homes.  Whether it be seasonally, annually or just when it quits working :)

Of course maintenance on the roof, air conditioner, furnace and water heater are vital since all of these things have to be kept in working order so that our homes are comfortable and functional.....  But what about design maintenance? 
Coming home to an aesthetically pleasing space can improve our daily outlook.  Waking up, living and sleeping in beautiful surroundings can bring a sense of peace and joy into our lives.

Design maintenance can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or an update of hardware or lighting fixtures.  Many times one change can transform an entire space.  This seems to be extremely true with regards to traditional design.  Many traditional designs have the bones of classic furniture already in place and when you update one or two things in the picture the entire space begins to take on a "current" look.

We were Blessed by one of our recent customers who provided us with "Before & After" pictures of their home.  There was only one element change in each space, but that one change made all the difference!!  Check it out:

The Entry
This space is completely transformed with the introduction of a bronze fixture.  Even though the new fixture is actually smaller than the original - the bronze finish is perceived by the eye and the size allows the window above the door to be a standout element.
Before - Basic Brass & Glass
After - Alder Entry Cage by Revolution

The Breakfast Nook
In this space the new bronze fixture is quite a bit larger than the original brass one and the new chandelier faces up instead of down which tends to add a bit more elegance to the design.  The bronze finish compliments additional design elements in the space such as the wall art and curtains.  It truly updates the design.
Before - Basic 3lt Brass & Glass
After - 5lt Bryant Chandelier by Quorum

The Dining Room
In the formal dining the homeowners have a beautiful suite of traditional furniture in the space.  The new bronze and crystal chandelier adds an air of formality and elegance that the original brass one just could not achieve.  The finish on the new chandelier compliments the wood tones of the furniture and the size shows off the ceiling height as well as the crown molding.
Before - Basic Brass & Glass
After - 6lt Claybourne by Capital

And there you have it.  A "Before & After" of design maintenance!  And what a success it was!!  This remodel is a prime example of how one element change can truly create a completely new space.

As always.....
Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!