Lights, Family and Blessings!

As with half of the population.......  I am sitting here today reflecting on this year of 2013........

I have to start this blog with giving credit where credit is due......  And all of that Glory goes to God!!!
We have been so very Blessed this year!!  There truly is not enough time to put into words the wonders that God has done for us this past year!!  That being said......  I'm going to attempt to share the "highlights"  :)

Quorum International 2013 January Market Party
January is always a busy month here at Lighting Etc. - Not only is it the start of a new year, but it is the month of Market.  The month that we go to the World Trade Center and walk hundreds of showrooms to find the new and beautiful treasures that we will sell for the next 12 months......  January 2013 had one additional element, and that was the addition of my Niece, Jennifer, to the Lighting Etc. staff.  Jennifer was an answer to Prayer!  We had certain administrative needs that had to be addressed and Jennifer was the solution to those needs!!  A true Blessing was realized when brother and sister joined together to establish the future of this 3rd generation company.

April 2013 marked the one year anniversary of our "Technology Endeavor" - Yes!  One year since we had begun to use the Ipads in the showroom!!  What a Blessing that turned out to be!!  LOL!!  And to think...... I didn't want to "waste" money on them!!  Forrest had a vision for the future (And Praise God that he didn't listen to me :) - and the path to that future included a completely redesigned website as well as a foray into social media!!  Lighting Etc. can be found all over the place!!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Houzz (just to name a few).  The future is going to be exciting!!

The summer months of 2013 were also full of Blessings!!  The first came in the fact that our beloved "Big Robert" came back to work in June!!  We are so very Thankful!!  Robert has been part of the Lighting Etc. family for over 10 years, and his absence was felt far and wide in our business.
July brought the addition of another family member - Tabitha answered our ad for a showroom sales position and moved here all the way from Minnesota!!  Talk about a leap of Faith!!  We Thank God for Blessing us with both of these people, as well as the rest of the wonderful staff here at Lighting Etc.

Fall of 2013 proved to be one of our busiest season's in three years!!  Builders built, Remodelers remodeled, Designers designed and Homeowners DIY'd!!  We were Blessed with God' Grace!!
New deals were made with many manufacturers, new product was bought and inspiration was found.  We brought in over 1,000 new pieces!  We revamped the entire Lighting Etc. Showroom!!
Softer finishes, cleaner lines and new designs brought excitement to the design table for 2013!

As we close out this wonderful year that was 2013, we will always remember December 13th......
The day that our PawPaw passed away.  We are Blessed to know that God's Promises are true :)
We will see him again!!

As we look forward to 2014 and the keys to the future that it holds, we will continue to stand on Faith and His Word:

Rejoice in our confident hope.  Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.
Romans 12:12

As always, thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed day!  And we will Light It Up again next time!!

A Day To Remember......... 12/13/13

As a small family business - there are many times that we get so busy that the only thing we can do is keep up with the "fires" and juggle everything else that needs to be done.......

This blog has been one of the items that I have "juggled".......... I regret that........ Today that changes........

Our family business, Lighting Etc. was started by Bob and Norma Cooper over 35 years ago.......
They have always been lovingly known as "Paw-Paw" and "Granny" - even our customers know them that way.

Paw-Paw retired first..... about 15 years ago, Granny retired about 5 years ago.
Although retired - they loved to stop by the showroom and see what we were doing :)  What new product we had bought and how we were displaying it.

Paw-Paw also loved the all the new technology that we were bringing into the business, such as our web-site and use of Ipads and all of the Social Media we had begun.  He was the first subscriber to the blog.........
He loved reading it every time I would publish one.  He would tell me how great it was.  I don't know if anyone else ever even read it, but I know he did.  :)  And he always told me to write more........  Beginning today - I will.

Paw-Paw passed away this morning.  And now, in honor of him I write this post.

He was a man of few words, but when he said them they had immense meaning.
He was a man of incredible character that shaped and molded this business.
He was a man of strong love that will always be with each of us.

Thank you Paw-Paw for always being you.

Heaven is shining brighter today.
Until next time (which will be soon)
Peace and Blessings

Traditional or Transitional - Let's do both!

People are always asking me - "What style is this chandelier?  Traditional or Transitional?"

It seems to be a great concern for many people - but the reality is that today's design can handle both elements at the same time!  :)

Lighter wood cabinetry with cleaner lines can be mixed with darker distressed floors, and transitional lighting fixtures and finishes can be blended together in a home filled with traditional furnishings, creating a very current design.

Design Credit: Duttro Designs for Providential Custom Homes

Don't be afraid to love more than one idea at a time!!  I truly believe that today's homes are filled with many different designs - and labels are unnecessary.  Do you like it?  Is it special to you?  Would you enjoy waking up each morning and seeing it in your home?  If the answer is yes, then there is a way to work it into your design.

Design Credit: Duttro Designs

We love a moment of surprise in the room - bringing in a bit of fun and whimsy can do wonders over the dining table you have had for the past 8 years.

Think out of the box - look at different finishes, there are so many to choose from!  The beauty of today's design world is that it doesn't all have to "match".

That's why faux finishes are so wonderful.  They play with different color tones and textures, and allow for a mix in the room.

On the flip side of that coin.......  If you prefer contemporary furnishings - don't be afraid to step out of your box and add a little "bling" to the space.

Yes, that's right - Think about adding crystal to the mix!!  Sure - there are tons of contemporary fixtures with very clean lines and stern structures, but that's almost too easy!  When we say "step out of the box" we mean REALLY step out!!

Design Credit: JPJ Designs

Remember, ultimately - it is your home and variety is the spice of life!

Thanks so much to Providential Custom Homes, Deb Dutton of Duttro Designs and JPJ Designs for allowing us to showcase their spaces!!  We look forward to the next opportunity to bring their decor to light.

The decorative lighting fixtures featured were supplied by Capital Lighting Fixture Company and Golden Lighting, the ceiling fan featured was supplied by Quorum International and they can all be found at

As always, thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed day and we will Light It Up again next time!!

Dimmers - A Bright Idea!!

What is one of the best ways to "Show Off" your home?  The answer may surprise you...  

Dim your lights!!!

It's true!!  By dimming the lights in your home you bring the layers of design to life and you create depth in the space.

Design Art from

Not only does it look better - but you also save money doing it!!  That means you get to buy a new pair of shoes..... right??

Seriously though....  Let's look at "Light Control" and the benefits of it:

In the average home most light switches are simple on/off - this means that your fixtures are putting out the same amount of light whether it is day or night, whether it is needed or not...  Through dimming, you can control the amount of the light, which in turn improves your space utilization.

Light control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light, it enhances the experience in a space and it helps to save energy - which in turn saves you money.

Savings Chart from

Many custom homes will throw in a dimmer for the dining room or the entry fixture, but what about the rest of the home.....

Surprisingly, one of my favorite places to use a dimmer is in the Master Bath - 
Think about it..... How great is it to wake up slowly...

Personally, I need to come out of my sleep gradually - with a nice cup of coffee.... :)  Just sayin.....  Soft lighting in the bathroom first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to wake up.

Design art from

Last but not least - let's think about the exterior of your home.....  
How nice is it to sit on the back patio at the end of a long day and enjoy a moment of peace.... That is much easier to do if the lighting can be tailored and personalized for your mood.

Design art from

Wow - on that note, I think I'm ready to head home, kick off my shoes and relax!!!

Many thanks to Lutron for their invaluable resources and products!!

As always, thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed Day and we will Light It Up again next week!!!

A Monthly Minute.......

This is our first "Monthly Minute".......  So what exactly is it you ask and will it really only take a minute?????

Once a month we plan to introduce our readers to one of our Manufacturers - and in all reality - it will probably take two or three minutes...... but what's a minute or two among friends......  :)

It seems only appropriate that Quorum International should be our very first "Monthly Minute" .....

We have been Blessed to do business with Quorum for over 25 years now....  They have an amazing team of people, which includes some of the best lighting designers in our industry.  They are always ahead of the curve, and usually set the trends, rather than follow them.

That being said - here are the questions that we posed to Bill Davis and his team:

          What is your favorite chandelier from Quorum and why is it your favorite?

"While it’s tough to choose a single favorite piece from our vast selection, one that does come to mind is from our Salento series. Together, the light and airy curved arms, beautifully etched ornaments, and delicate leaf motifs, capture the essence of fine 17th century Italian craftsmanship.  The fixture's Baroque and Rococo influences create a classic feel, making it a timeless addition to any space."

    When do you see LED becoming truly relevant in the residential decorative lighting arena?

"The developmental process of LED in residential lighting has been a fascinating one to track. In recent years the technology has made great strides, and continues to make steadfast progress. The transition into residential LED is, and will continue to be a gradual one. Within the coming year or two, we could see the technology improving to a point where the pricing will become competitive enough to begin to introduce more and more LED fixtures into the market."

    What was the inspiration behind French Umber as this season’s newest color?

"French Umber embodied the stylistic direction that we intended to head in this season. The color exudes a sense of restoration. In fact it combines the results of two wood staining techniques, pickling and white washing, (both of which date back to several centuries) to create an aged, yet restored feel. Its a way of recreating a look that was established with more of a practical purpose in mind, but now works stylistically as an antiquated accent."


    We LOVE the Mercury Glass!!!  Will there be more???

"Regarding the Mercury Glass, we share that exact sentiment, we ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. We cannot wait to introduce more fixtures that feature the glass. It's looking like it is likely to happen in the very near future."

How exciting!!  And all of these fresh new designs just in time for Spring!!

Well......  The sand in the hour glass just ran out - so that means it's time to wrap it up......

HUGE "Thank You" to Bill Davis and the entire team at Quorum for taking time to talk to us and answer our questions!!  Feel free to visit to see all the new designs - or better yet stop by Lighting Etc. and see them in person!!

As always, thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed Day and we will Light It Up again next week!!!

Peeling Back the Layers of Light

Lighting has a purpose - mainly for you to see.  :)

Seriously though......

There are three basic types of lighting that should be utilized in your home:

General Purpose Lighting - provides overall illumination, allowing a comfortable level of brightness.  This type of light is easily achieved through the use of recess cans and allows you to move safely through your home.
(ie: you can see the toys on the floor, as well as the shoes left by the couch).  

Task Lighting - provides direct illumination where you need it, this can be accomplished through undercabinet lighting, pendant lighting, track lighting, floor lamps or desk lamps.

Decorative or Accent Lighting - adds drama to a room, makes a statement and ties the design together.  This lighting can direct the eye where you want it to go.  It is the "Jewelry of the Home".

Dimmers can be applied to any and all of these lighting types - and then the layers truly come to life!!

Design by Whitman Interiors, Southlake, TX

Design by Whitman Interiors, Southlake, TX

Design by Whitman Interiors, Southlake, TX

Big shout out to Whitman Interiors for the great design pictures!!  We love working with you!!  Check them out at

The decorative lighting fixtures featured were supplied by Quorum International and Capital Lighting Fixture Company and can be seen at

As always, thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed Day and we will Light It Up again next week!!!

And so it begins........

Lighting Etc.
Decor Brought To Light!!

And so it begins......

We have a "Blog".......  Whoda a thunk......

Let's start with a little background:

Who We Are:
Lighting Etc. is a Faith Based, 3rd Generation Lighting Showroom - We have been in business since the early 1980's.

What We Do:
We meet all of your lighting needs and we help you decorate you home.  Lighting Etc. believes in taking a unique approach.  From your front door, to your back door, and every room in between, Lighting Etc. will fill your home with timeless elegance and bring your decor to light.

Where We Do It:
We are located at 6040 Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills, Texas - We have been in Tarrant County Texas for over 30 Years and with God's continued Blessings, we don't plan on leaving anytime soon.  Third generation is here in the showroom - learning the business and beginning the process of their reign.  :)

Why We Do What We Do:
What can I say - We are lighting geeks.....  We love pretty, shiny, unique things.
Anything that lights up and doesn't look like a "me too" is something we love.  We buy in limited quantites so that each piece can truly be considered "custom" - that being said..... we can usually get more - but we don't want everybody's houses to look the same.

Well - that's about it for the background.......
From here on out we will "blog" about different lighting ideas, fixtures, trends, designs, etc...., etc...., etc......

Thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed Day and we will Light It Up again next week!!!