A Day To Remember......... 12/13/13

As a small family business - there are many times that we get so busy that the only thing we can do is keep up with the "fires" and juggle everything else that needs to be done.......

This blog has been one of the items that I have "juggled".......... I regret that........ Today that changes........

Our family business, Lighting Etc. was started by Bob and Norma Cooper over 35 years ago.......
They have always been lovingly known as "Paw-Paw" and "Granny" - even our customers know them that way.

Paw-Paw retired first..... about 15 years ago, Granny retired about 5 years ago.
Although retired - they loved to stop by the showroom and see what we were doing :)  What new product we had bought and how we were displaying it.

Paw-Paw also loved the all the new technology that we were bringing into the business, such as our web-site and use of Ipads and all of the Social Media we had begun.  He was the first subscriber to the blog.........
He loved reading it every time I would publish one.  He would tell me how great it was.  I don't know if anyone else ever even read it, but I know he did.  :)  And he always told me to write more........  Beginning today - I will.

Paw-Paw passed away this morning.  And now, in honor of him I write this post.

He was a man of few words, but when he said them they had immense meaning.
He was a man of incredible character that shaped and molded this business.
He was a man of strong love that will always be with each of us.

Thank you Paw-Paw for always being you.

Heaven is shining brighter today.
Until next time (which will be soon)
Peace and Blessings


  1. My first time to visit your store was yesterday. I logged n today because I was so overewhelmed by the selection in the store...it was amazing. I am so sad to hear about Paw Paw's passing, but I can tell by just one stop in your store that he has left a fine legacy. The Lord's peace to you all who are mourning--Amy

    1. Thank you so much Amy.
      We are Blessed to have so many wonderful customers and industry friends Praying for our family.
      We are Thankful for each and every person who stops by the Lighting Etc. Showroom. Each of you are a thread that creates the tapestry of our family business.
      Peace and Blessings to you

  2. I am so sorry to hear about this. It is always hard to lose someone so special to us, but I am sure he continues to be proud of the amazing store that your family has built. You will be in my prayers

    1. Thank you so much Matt
      The Prayers and God's Grace has truly carried us through this time.
      We are Blessed!