And so it begins........

Lighting Etc.
Decor Brought To Light!!

And so it begins......

We have a "Blog".......  Whoda a thunk......

Let's start with a little background:

Who We Are:
Lighting Etc. is a Faith Based, 3rd Generation Lighting Showroom - We have been in business since the early 1980's.

What We Do:
We meet all of your lighting needs and we help you decorate you home.  Lighting Etc. believes in taking a unique approach.  From your front door, to your back door, and every room in between, Lighting Etc. will fill your home with timeless elegance and bring your decor to light.

Where We Do It:
We are located at 6040 Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills, Texas - We have been in Tarrant County Texas for over 30 Years and with God's continued Blessings, we don't plan on leaving anytime soon.  Third generation is here in the showroom - learning the business and beginning the process of their reign.  :)

Why We Do What We Do:
What can I say - We are lighting geeks.....  We love pretty, shiny, unique things.
Anything that lights up and doesn't look like a "me too" is something we love.  We buy in limited quantites so that each piece can truly be considered "custom" - that being said..... we can usually get more - but we don't want everybody's houses to look the same.

Well - that's about it for the background.......
From here on out we will "blog" about different lighting ideas, fixtures, trends, designs, etc...., etc...., etc......

Thanks so much for the "read" - have a Blessed Day and we will Light It Up again next week!!!


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