Will it be Bronze, Silver or Gold????

For the past few weeks, with the onset of the 2014 Winter Olympics,  much thought and discussion has been given to three colors......  Bronze, Silver or Gold...... 

Theses same three metals have been of great discussion for quite a while with regards to lighting selections as well.
Let's take a moment and look at each finish before we decide where on the podium we will stand:


A warm, rich color with many variations.  Some bronze finishes are dark, with an "Oil Rubbed" quality that has hints of copper - while others have a warm sheen which can reflect a myriad of rich color tones..... There are dozens and dozens of varieties in the bronze finish, but all of them work well within a rich, warm color palette.



A neutral finish that can work well with a traditional, transitional or contemporary design.  The variances in the silver category include Pewter, Brushed Nickel, Chrome and Polished Nickel as well as a few "faux finishes" with a silver base.



This is not your Mother's brassy gold - this is the new era of Gold.  It is a demure, elegant tone that can be done in either a matte or brushed finish.  Although it can also have a sheened finish - it is rich and luxurious, and is often considered a faux with high and low tones.



All three finishes are "precious metals" and beautiful designs can be achieved with each.....

Traditional Elegance with a Bronze finish (courtesy of the Baxter family)

A Rich Classic design done with a Silver finish (courtesy of the Benoit family)

Warm and Luxurious with a Gold finish (courtesy of the Benoit family)

The best part is that you can have the "metal" of your choice!!  And everyone can be a Winner!!

Be sure to visit Lighting Etc.and check out all the options that are available to you!!  We look forward to helping you achieve your lighting dreams!!

Thanks so much for the "read" - Have a Blessed Day!  And we will Light It Up again soon!!
Be Blessed!!

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