Loving The Light - January 4, 2017

It's the beginning of the New Year.......  and as with many folks, I've been thinking about the things that I want to do differently this year.........  One of those things is this blog........

Blogging has been something that I've wanted to do for our business, but it's been one of the places that I've struggled the most......  First - I don't know anything about blogging!  LOL!  Yes, I read many blogs.....  but they are all different......  which is a good thing, because if they were all the same there would be no reason for them!  That being said, as a novice, it can be an overwhelming task to try and create "The Perfect Blog" for our business.......

In the past it's always been about a specific thing......  Chandeliers, Dimmers, Bulbs, etc.  The truth is that there is only so much a person can say about those "specific" things......  and then you hit a mental block......

So - from here on out I will be writing about what I Love......  what WE Love.......  and it will always be different!  I'm so very EXCITED!!!!  I Prayed this very morning......  "God, please show me how to do this blog." and He did!  Thus......  "Loving The Light" is now going to be one of our topics! Each time something that I love, or something that we love as a company, happens or is realized I will be blogging about it!  Now.....  I'm not sure what "proper blogging etiquette" is.....  but our blog will have a variety of posts.......  "Decor Brought To Light" will be where all those posts land.....  but each title will provide the associated topic......  Again, not sure if that's how it's supposed to work or not - but that's how we are going to do it :)

When God answered my Prayer this morning with regards to the "Loving The Light" concept - I knew that this very first post had to reflect the things that I love most about Lighting Etc.!

First - I LOVE that we are a Faith Based Business!  We proclaim it in every way we can!  God has been so very Good to us!  We are truly Blessed to be here and it is by His Grace that we are still in business today!  And I say that with all sincerity.......  We are Blessed to live in a country where we are allowed to proclaim our Faith so publicly!  From the sign on our Front Door to the Praise & Worship music that we play in our Showroom - we know Whose we are and we give Him ALL the Glory!

Second - I LOVE our Staff!  We have the absolute BEST Team in the Industry!!!  We are a small staff - but we are Mighty in our knowledge, dedication and passion!  Each and every person who works at Lighting Etc. is committed to meeting our clients needs, and helping them to find exactly what they are looking for!  They are also the most incredible people to work with!  Each and every one of them are part of the bigger picture......  which is The Showroom.......  From the gals who make up our Lighting Consultants Team, to Service & Delivery, to our Warehouse Staff!  These are the folks that make coming to work each day a Pleasure!  We work hard, but we also enjoy what we do and enjoy working with each other!  That is a True Blessing!

Third - Our products!  We have curated quite the eclectic mix of manufacturers over the past 38 years!  We LOVE to bring the variety of options to life here in the Lighting Etc. Showroom!  Our display is constantly changing and evolving, which allows us to always present the most exciting options available!  We love being able to show AS MUCH as we can!  Folks who come into the Showroom for the first time may feel a little overwhelmed by all of the choices - but that's why we are here!  To show you EVERYTHING that there is to choose from!  Don't worry....  we'll help you to narrow down the options and find exactly what you are looking for!

Well....  There you have it......  our first post about "Loving The Light" here on the Decor Brought To Light Blog.......
I hope that y'all will follow along on this journey of our small Mom & Pop business.  I promise to always write honestly and from the heart about all the different things that we Love!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and for allowing us to Share our Love with you!



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